To all members of the Prince Hall Masonic Family in the St. Louis area:

Last night we witnessed a travesty of justice when a St. Louis County Grand Jury issued a NO TRUE BILL against officer Darren Wilson for the senseless killing of Michael Brown, Jr. While most of us disagree with the decision of the St. Louis County Grand Jury, we must follow the dictates of our President Barack Obama who called for peaceful demonstrations against this verdict so the killing of Michael Brown, Jr. will not be in vain. Our voices need to be heard and violence will not help our cause.

In our obligations we take upon joining this great Fraternity, we promise to obey lawful order in our communities. The violence observed in Ferguson last night after the verdict was announced cannot be condoned and must stop. I sincerely hope that none of the members of our Prince Hall Masonic Family are involved in this violence and disturbance. We need to keep a level head in the coming days due to the trying times in the St. Louis area.

M.W. Lawrence A. Jones, Jr., 33°
Grand Master of Missouri